Each word in our tagline “Family Wealth Partners” has meaning and properly understood helps differentiate us from your alternatives. In an industry that embraces personal plans the word “Family” reflects our belief that the happiest families are the least surprised families. Our hope is to meet not only with husband and wife when applicable, but also children when appropriate. We serve as conduits allowing you to pass along the principles and practices that were successful in helping create your wealth down to the next generation, or people you love most. We employ the term “Wealth” because fundamentally wealth is accretive; accumulating as opposed to depleting. We exist to help you behave in ways which give your money a high probability of accumulating throughout your retirement, and ultimately through succeeding generations. Last but not least, “Partners” resonates with the premium value we place on our personal relationships. Specifically, at Abel Hall, we treasure our relationship among staff, portfolio managers we’ve come to know personally, and most importantly our partnership with YOU.




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