Over the past decade of working with retirees and building financial plans, Drew has come to realize: Fear Kills. It kills joy, hope, abundance and creativity. All too often fear kills beautifully diversified portfolios and long-term financial plans, and as a result fear has had a grasp on human finances as long as they have existed.

Drew has made his life’s work about coming alongside families and friends to lovingly help them put fears to rest and enjoy the things that matter most. The essence of this work is: Love. Drew loves his clients; he loves helping them craft plans built to last and he loves being their lifeline when needed most.

If this sounds like an atypical approach to financial planning, then you are reading correctly. Drew has immersed himself in business, and behavioral finance, and is involved in the Baton Rouge community to help love and serve clients in a way that goes much deeper than a portfolio. It is Drew’s belief that he was put on this earth to help protect America’s retirees against the fears and insecurities associated with market volatility, so they can be free to enjoy their golden years with the people they love most.

Drew loves spending time with his wife Lindsey and their two children, Henry and Alice (also known as Shuggy Bear) walking the park or enjoying God’s creation while lying in the backyard hammock. Their life is immersed in the beautiful neighborhood of University Acres and into their faith community at Christ Covenant Church.

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