Drew Hall, MBA

Over the last nine years, Drew has immersed himself in learning as much as possible in the areas of behavioral finance and business. Today, his passion is serving and guiding retirees as they face the dramatic shift from an earned income check provided by work to obtaining income through investments, pensions, and social security. It is Drew’s belief that he was put on this earth to help protect America’s retirees against the fears and insecurities associated with market volatility, so they can be free to enjoy their golden years with the people they love most.

When not helping others secure their financial futures, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife, Lindsey, and baby boy, Henry. The Halls are active members of Christ Covenant Church where Drew currently serves as Chairman of a fundraising committee, and Lindsey often leads worship.  Additionally, Drew leads a team to oversee Sunday school for the children of Open Air Ministries, also known as Homeless Church, and serves as treasurer and board member for the organization as well.  While medicine may run in the family with Drew’s father, brothers, and wife all holding medical degrees, Drew knows there is no way he would rather be serving the Baton Rouge community than through helping others obtain financial freedom.

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