Our Beliefs

We believe faith, patience and discipline are essential for the accumulation of long-term wealth

We believe trust is the foundation of healthy relationships

We believe history is the best guide, perhaps the only guide, to the long-term future

We believe the only sane definition of money is purchasing power

We believe the real return of owning globally diversified companies (equities) has historically been over two times that of lending to companies (10-year U.S. Treasury bonds)

We believe the dominant factor in real life, long-term financial outcomes is NOT investment “performance” but rather your investor “behavior”; as such, we serve as your behavioral coach

We believe the only way to capture the permanent return of equities is to be willing to endure their full, temporary volatility

We believe in patiently holding the portfolio, which based on historical returns, is suited for the achievement of your long-term financial goals

We believe behavioral advice is the best reason to hire us; which includes counsel against the public’s panic in falling markets and euphoria in soaring times

We believe financial plans must be written, as well as date and dollar specific